JMATEK Scores Prestigious “HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019” Award

May 29, 2019

HONG KONG, May 16, 2019 HR Asia, the continent’s most authoritative publication for HR professionals, has awarded JMATEK with its highest-calibre accolade for best employee workplace. The “HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia” award is testament to JMATEK’s persistent priority on best workplace practices and stellar employee satisfaction.

JMATEK credits this accomplishment to its three pillars of employee engagement Learn@Jmatek, Rewards@Jmatek and Fun@Jmatek that support the full scope of workplace productivity. These are expressed through frequent training opportunities, generous performance bonuses and much anticipated fun days.

Workflow at JMATEK follows the Kaizen approach of collective and continuous improvement. Employees are invited to weekly meetings, are encouraged to share insights and are empowered to appreciate their own value in achieving the collective goal. Managers and employees collaborate to create clearly defined frameworks and bonuses within which they can self-regulate and reach their targets. 

“At JMATEK, productivity is part and parcel of a culture of mentorship and transparency,” says CEO Naresh Kumra. “Managers empower their teams to take calculated risks to achieve their goals. We‘ve seen, time and again, that trust is a catalyst for growth.”

HR Asia differentiates its award process through its singular focus on the full scope of the employee experience. An extensive survey, designed by academics and consultants, views employees holistically and covers social, emotional and physical wellbeing, in addition to workplace culture and career advancement.

JMATEK, a Hong Kong based multi-national company founded in 2007, manufactures and markets air comfort products under the Honeywell, Airtek, Quilo and Bluemyst brands. Internally, their product offering also defines their corporate culture, with the mission statement: Build a Great Company to Make the World Comfortable while Having Fun and Learning.

Indeed, fostering a comfortable workplace that encourages growth and camaraderie, has definitively shaped JMATEK into an outstanding company to work for. As careers become ever more transient, JMATEK is well-geared to attract and retain top-of-the-class talent who are committed to the company’s core values of connection and growth.