About Us

JMATEK Int’l Group Of Companies is the holding company for Airtek Int’l Corp. Ltd, Electric Miser (HK) Ltd. & Oriental American Jaima. It was formed in 2011 under the flagship of Oriental Group.

Oriental Group was founded by Mr. Baldev Kumar Varma back in 1928. It is a family run business owned by Varma family. Mr. Baldev Kumar Varma is also the chairman of JMATEK Int’l Group.

During 1980-1990 with the soaring demands of environmentally friendly cooling solution, Airtek Int’l Corp. Ltd was formed to tap the global market. With various innovative new models of Evaporative Air Coolers, State-of-art manufacturing units and expert team of engineers and managers, Airtek Int’l Corp. Ltd acquired exclusive worldwide manufacturing and distribution rights from Honeywell Inc USA. It also started manufacturing and distribution of Portable Air Conditioners worldwide.

Apart from Evaporative Air Coolers and Portable Air Conditioners, Airtek Int’l Corp. Ltd also received strategic licensee for manufacturing and distribution of new innovative products under Electrical Accessories, worldwide.

Electric Miser (HK) Ltd was formed in 2010 to focus on sales, marketing and business development of Electrical Accessories for Airtek Int’l Corp. Ltd. under the license from Honeywell International Inc. USA.

Oriental Americal Jaima was formed to handle OEM and Supply Chain Business which has established its feet dated back in 1920’s.