AirTek Int’l Corp. Ltd.

AirTek is a dynamic company that both develops and manufactures innovative environment friendly Evaporative Air Coolers and world class designs of Portable Air Conditioners under global manufacturing & sales license from Honeywell International Inc USA. AirTek draws on an unparalleled pool of strength and experience in catering to various markets across the globe. With its manufacturing and product development based in China, AirTek provides quality products through understanding the market, focusing on the needs of the customer and finding the optimum balance between cost effectiveness and realistic environmental solutions.

AirTek products are sold in more than 34 countries. We have worked with some of the “largest and most recognized distributors” in the world resulting in a high set of self-imposed quality standards.

Quality is the central fabric of AirTek’s philosophy. Starting from giving the highest customer satisfaction, AirTek strives to provide quality in all areas of the company: design and engineering, product development, manufacturing, logistics and customer service.