History & Leadership

JMATEK was founded by Oriental American Jaima, an international business group established in 1928. Mr. Sanjay Varma is the 3rd generation Vice Chairman, founded by Sanjay’s grandfather.

Mr. Sanjay Varma founded the JMATEK Group in 2007, and led it as CEO for over 5 years. Mr. Sanjay Varma recently transitioned to the Vice Chairman role focusing on innovation and business development. Previously, as VP of Business Development, Mr. Sanjay Varma was on the top leadership team at Alibaba.com. Mr. Sanjay Varma started his career with McKinsey & Company in India and worked with the family trading business, Oriental American Jaima, in Hong Kong. Mr. Sanjay Varma was recently awarded the “Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award” by Enterprise Asia for his leadership in building JMATEK into a global leader in home comfort and energy efficiency.

In 2009, Mr. Sanjay Varma partnered with Honeywell as a global and exclusive licensee for Evaporative Air Coolers. Honeywell is an ideal partner globally recognized for quality, reliability and innovation. Air coolers are a perfect product range, as they are a green cooling solution. With a focus on quality and innovation, JMATEK has since built a cutting-edge air cooler product line for indoor and outdoor applications.

Today, JMATEK has sales & distribution in over 70 countries, with sales offices in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Indonesia, Vietnam and India. JMATEK has successfully expanded its product lines to include portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers.  JMATEK’s Global Headquarters and Product Design & Management are located in Hong Kong.